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Pitched and won the global account for Eset, one of the big ones when it comes to anti virus software and internet security. The concept was built on having fun online instead of telling the customer how scary viruses are and what not to do. What we wanted to communicate was the idea that if you had Esets’ anti virus software you could do anything 

My role: Pitch work, Concept

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Scania came with the task to create a campaign to show off the new Scania Off-road trucks. These off-road trucks are robust and can really do everything that an ordinary truck can’t do. The tagline ”Take your business to the next level” set the framework. These trucks are just that awesome

My role: UX, UI

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This is one part of a global initiative called SuperSavvyMe. In Sweden we call it Bra vardag. Bra vardag is an eCRM program with monthly e-mails, competitions, samples, coupons etc. The purpose of the website is to strengthen the bond with the consumer but also to gain insights about shopping habits, loyalty etc. Throughout the years we have made various changes – for example making the website responsive, as well as trying to set a more nordic look and feel. The idea is to have all the Procter & Gamle brands present on Bra vardag instead of the brands having their own website. Still, there’s a long way to go and lots that can be done 

My role: Art Direction, UI

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Metro on Stage is a music competition for unsigned artists. It was carried out by a campaign containing banners, posters, magazine ads and also a campaign site. Previous winners in the competition include amongst others, Erik Hassle, Ulrik Munther and Den Svenska Björnstammen 

My role: Design


A failed transportation robbery. The robbers get away. But the reporter Rex Jensen is on to them. One day he gets threatened by his life. Now he needs your help to finish his story and keeping the deadline

Cash & Burn is a story based competition which takes place in the under world. You play an important role – because without you there will be no story. It starts with Rex sending you an MMS, saying he’s in trouble and that you need to go into a mail service to help him… Let the competition begin 

My role: Concept, Art Direction, UX, UI, Animation, Film
Easy Money II

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The traditional way to chose a car would be from the point of view of what you like, say the color red, leather interior, sports package etc. Instead of making the process of choosing car dull and expected (ie traditional click what you like type of deal), we’re letting the parameters of who you are decide which car is suitable for you. These are some units for the pitch work we did through the BBDO network. This was all done for a pitch

My role: Concept, Art Direction, UI


To be honest – banking isn’t all that exciting. For most of us it’s just numbers and figures. With this in mind we wanted to give the user a greater insight of her economy. By presenting visual statistics as diagrams, flows and relating purchases to locations we made the numbers easier to understand. This was done at Hyper Island

My role: Research, Planning, Concept


Wedding invitations, program, place cards etc. for a wedding. The customer wanted something in the Art Deco kind of style. I pretty much had free hands on this one

My role: Art Direction, DesignBrollop


Did some freelance work for an agency called Big Fish and their client Cinnober. The idea and framework was already set so this was just about execution and pushing pixels

My role: Design

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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep

— John Doe —


A twenty-nine year old Art Director/Designer born in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m an ex Hyper Island student with a few years in the business, both as a freelancer and at different agencies

My main focus lies within digital and creating innovative solutions for the client as well as a great experience for the end user. Over the years I have worked with brands such as Mini Cooper, Scania, Procter & Gamble, Metro, Mondelez, Husqvarna, Eset, Easy Money II and SCA amongst others

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